Vision and Missionਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼ਟੀ ਅਤੇ ਮਿਸ਼ਨ

Vision Statement

We aim to be an efficient and effective tax administration respected for fairness, transparency and professionalism.

Mission Statement

To administer the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Act, Value Added Tax (VAT) Act and allied statutes and the Profession Tax Act in an impartial, uniform and efficient manner so as to maximise tax collection through universal coverage of all eligible tax payers.

Core Values

Professionalism - We are committed to the highest professional and personal standards.

Service - We value service. We shall treat our taxpayers and other stakeholders with fairness and courtesy and provide the services with promptness and efficiency.

Trust - We implicitly believe in the honesty of the taxpayer and his voluntary compliance.

Communication - We believe in effective two-way communication to achieve highest levels of tax compliance and service delivery.

Transparency and accountability - We shall promote at all times transparency and accountability in all our actions.

We value the Individual - We believe that people make the difference and strive to provide opportunities to all employees to contribute ideas, develop their potential, and make the best use of their talents and abilities.

We strive to promote efficiency and meritocracy at all levels.

We also believe in teamwork as a force multiplier to bring in synergy in achieving the organisational goals.


We strive to simplify the tax laws, rates and business processes to promote better understanding thereof and improved compliance.

Human resource development through training and development of a sensitive and responsive work culture are the keys to better service delivery. We strive to promote, with the help of various HRD tools, such a work culture for maximising taxpayer satisfaction and tax collection.

The department is undergoing a comprehensive computerisation programme which, when completed, will accelerate the business processes, reduce department and dealer interface, reduce response time and promote faster service delivery, thereby reducing transaction costs for the tax payers. The website of the department, in addition to the existing services, will provide online services, like online filing of returns and applications, to the dealers.

The department shall promote and undertake research and analysis in the latest national and international developments in economy and technology, tax legislation and business processes in order to improve tax administration and maximise tax collection.

The department is in the process of setting up border check posts, which will effectively monitor inter-state movement of goods and help track down misdeclarations of local sales as inter-state sales or transit goods and thereby help the department to curb tax evasion.

With the help of IT network, research and analysis, border check posts and a well trained workforce, the department will strive to enforce the tax laws effectively to deter tax evasion and promote compliance, thereby providing an equitable and level playing field to the honest tax payers..

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